The pandemic is over, while no one knows what is next though. Nevertheless Riga spots were revitalised a bit by a flow of people and have opened their doors to the visitors. Some time ago Expats in Riga wrote about places, where it is possible to listen to he music, grab a drink, and meet nice people. Here is a new version of the article, where we would like to remind you about the venues, which you might be missing during the lockdown.

1. Aleponija. It is a place on Birznieka Upisa street. A bit dark place, with an interior of a place, where performances take place from time to time, where a selection of craft beers is offered. It is a bit hippie style, quite underground and reflective in a sense of its ambiance. If you are not looking for a drive of a festive party, but rather for a moody style evening, head there. It is quite cosy though at the same time.

2. Ezītis migla. It is a chain of bars spotted around Riga. They are on the market for quite a long time. The brand has a bit hipster vibe, not luxurious at all, with some beats in the air. It is meant for a special event day, but would be great for a glass of beer or a wine one warm summer night.

3. Nurme. Avotu iela is a street, which has become a bit more active in terms of various spots opening there. Latvian style bar with a bit reserved ambiance, well-thought design, and crowds gathering there from time to time. If you feel lonely in that district come over there for a drink and just enjoy seclusion and a bit uplifted atmosphere.

4. Laska bar. One more place in the area near the Central station. Located in the yard on Birznieka Upisa street, it offers quite bustling events with musicians, dancing crowd, and fun. In summer they make parties outside, and they have even organised some barbecues with DJ sets there.

5. KKC (Kaņepes Kulturas Centrs). A very bohemian spot with a lasting history of various cultural events. They have a strong team behind the name and go for a lot of unusual creative activities. So if you would like to plunge into the unknown and breath in a really artistic air, just go there.

6. TAKA. It is a place, where some concerts take place sometimes. Dropped on the Miera street, a hipster street of Riga, it used to have a friendly staff with a good taste in music, a selection of various drinks, and quite dense crowd of visitors, moving here and there around the quarter. Check out if they are still there

7. Labieties. One more place near Miera street district. Founded as a craft beer bar, it has quite a small place for visitors. So, hurry up while there are some chairs left on the Friday night. For your consideration, it is situated in the yard of Piens bar, near K.K. fon Stricka villa. By the way, there are some more places around in the yard. Try to check out on your own.

8. Nemiers. A dark place with nice music you can listen to, especially on the days of some special events. A reserved design, distinctive glass-ware, and proximity to other spots make it a place to visit.

9. Walters&Grapa. A craft beer bar with mostly electronic music events going on there is also Miera street child. Moved from the previous premises closer to Tallinas quarter, it has a nice interior and a lot of different people going there.

10. Če. One more place worth visiting. If you feel more in a direction of philosophy rather than just fun, try it. It also has changed its location several years ago but has kept its atmosphere. Quite a Riga style bar too.

11. Vinilbārs. A bar on the other side of a river, what makes it attractive to those living in Pardaugava. A very small place not far from Kalnciema street, it hosts electronic music events and has a thematic design, which logically goes along with the name.

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